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Your perfect wrestling game!!!!!

My first wrestling game!!!!

As you know - I love wrestling. As it happens I am also a big video game geek and have been since I was little!
I have owned pretty much every WWF/WWE game for the NES, SNES, N64, Dreamcast, Wii, PS1, PS2 and PS3. My favourite game? WWF No Mercy for the N64. It really shows its age now but at the time it was revolutionary. WWE games since have improved the graphics and have added extra features, but the customisation, the branching storylines and just the core gameplay itself made it memorable.
WWF No Mercy - Jeff Hardy vs Christian 
This blog post isn't looking at the history of wrestling videogames but rather is asking the question: What would make your perfect wrestling game? It would be great if you could comment below and give me your suggestions! Give us much or as little detail as you want. WWE 2K15 is due to appear on next gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and should be capable of so much more. Next gen WWE games should be very interesting - this is how I would make it!! 
This is always a sticking point because the cut off is around Wrestlemania time - any roster additions after that are definitely not a sure bet to be included. I would like to see future DLC that reflects the current roster - not legends.
I would include the current WWE and NXT roster IN FULL, not legends. They may be popular additions but with the inclusion of the NXT roster they should be pushed to the side. Perhaps add loads of legends faces and clothes into create a wrestler so we can make them ourselves?
Cesaro vs Daniel Bryan - WWE 2K14
When I play a wrestling game and have a match - I want a battle. I remember playing a match on WWF No Mercy (N64) and spending about 30-40 mins trying to win the match. It felt like the wrestling game equivalent of Demons Souls (If you've not played it - it's bloody hard!!!).
WWE 2K14 had the Quick/Normal/Epic options but they didn't feel that different to me.
If I'm on career mode and am wrestling at a PPV or main event of RAW, I don't want it to be over in 5 minutes - I want near falls. I want drama. I want the wrestlers to get tired and for that to come across on screen. It should really be an achievement when you win.
Other than that? Little things really - I want the wrestlers to place their foot or hand on the rope for a rope break. I want a weapon shot to be a potential match ender. I want the referee to stay down longer when hurt - if you go for a pin while he's down he slowly crawls across and does a slow count or a new ref comes in etc.

  Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan - WWE 2K14

Career Mode
There is only so many times we can revisit the past in WWE games - although these modes were cool and the attention to detail was excellent. I did feel like I was playing random match after random match. Of course I was given a bit of storyline narrative/video package before matches but it just didn't feel cohesive at times.
I would concentrate on the present/future with 2 storylines - the first would be taking a wrestler from NXT and working your way up through the roster.
If you want to play as someone from the main roster perhaps a storyline could be incorporated where you get fired by the Authority a la Cody Rhodes and have to fight to get your job back? You would start at the bottom of the ladder and have to fight to get back on top? Proper branching storylines would be awesome too (again like WWF No Mercy).
For example - if you qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match you go on the main PPV show and have the match. If you don't win you wrestle on the preshow or in another non-title match on the show etc. The storylines would go in COMPETELY different directions offering replay value.
It would also be cool to treat it as a type of manager mode - looking after your wrestler in an out of the ring - playing some type of mini game in the gym to rehab from injury etc.
Again it's the little things that make the difference to me. Here's a few examples:
1. If you get cut in a match you are bandaged up the next night on RAW.
2. Weapons need to stay in the ring
3. Clothes need to be more realistic, they can rip, get wet from blood and sweat etc.
4. Same goes for hair!!
5. How about different commentators for different shows? Not just Cole and Lawler!
6. Different referees for each match? (not just mini Naitch!!).
They need to make things feel a little bit different each time you play, to give the games a bit of unpredictability just like on TV!
Obviously the graphics should almost be photo realistic on the PS4 (I hope) so we'll wait and see!!!
I could go on and on all day, literally!!! I need to stop somewhere though so I'll stop by saying this - I have bought every wrestling game available and have enjoyed every one of them, but it has been quite a while since I felt the drama and suspense like I did playing on the N64.
I hope WWE 2K15 is the new benchmark for wrestling games. PS4 games are about £47.00. I don't own a PS4 (unfortunately) but when I eventually do I want my money to be well spent!!!
So.....give me your ideas below!!!
Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!

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